“The Blacks” are a renowned rock band from Hohenlohe, Germany, that have achieved cult-status.  The September 2012 issue of the “Hohenloher Zeitung” (newspaper) carried an article entitled:
“Ambassadors of Real Rock Classics” describing their achievements as “outstanding” (refer to German only.


The band plays earthy folk rock songs that everybody knows and performs mostly songs for “true connoisseurs” of rock music. They write their own emotional and socially-critical songs from the musical genre of folk rock. Nine further tracks are currently arranged and ready to "high-fly"!


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A song as a tribute to Salma Hayek. From Dusk till Dawn: Oh my God, what a snake dance! Proud and graceful - simply seriously erotic! What a masterpiece, Quentin!


Passion or Obsession

A song about world's despots:  Do they really have a good night's sleep?!


Charity Rider

A song about celebrity bigots who show off as good guys and generous donors to ride the gravy train. Isn't it Till Schweiger?



A song about fear of loss!


On this hill

This is a song about misunderstanding – misguided by quick judgement of events (not heard or experienced) and one’s own imagination.


Leaving Stones behind

A song about “childhood” and “adulthood”. We would love to hear what stories our children tell about us when they are grown-up and as old as we are now. Wouldn't we?


Blind or not

A song about talks between a philosopher and an ordinary guy. W


Donald's Lullaby

A lullaby specially composed for “our” Donald – evil to him who evil thinks…

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